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Furat Arabic learning Books is designed for children that are interested in learning the Arabic language. TextBooks, Workbooks, stories, and much more! Furat books are great resources to guide your child through each step of their Arabic language learning journey.

Our Arabic language Books are suitable for all kids ages.  Furat Books are here to help you understand more than one language. Our Author designs it with all love, passion, and inspiration.

We don’t stop there. We offer exciting Arabic, Arabic with translation, and Islamic stories for our children, with a fun and creative illustration. We believe that learning a second language feeds the brain and the heart. Therefore our Author continues to work on offering the best of the best books for you.

الى كل من يبحث عن ضوء الأمل

الى كل من يجد صعوبة في تعلم او تعليم أولاده القراءة

والكتابة العربية

الى كل من يريد ان يتعلم قِراءة القرآن الكريم

أُقدم سلسلة كُتبي هذه (( فُرات )) لتعليم العربية للناطقين بغيرها ?




We help you raise bilingual kids, along with bringing the excitement of culture closer to them.


Our Arabic curriculum books are available to be taught in schools and Language institutes.


Our Books are designed with Fun and creative illustrations that help the learner enjoy studying the Arabic language.


                 Bringing the Arabic language closer to home……

Author: Aesha Almani


You don’t need to travel to learn or teach  the Arabic language, we bring the language close to you. No matter where you are at.

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